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Fire exit signs

It is a legal requirement for most buildings used by the public or employees to have appropriate fire safety systems in place. This includes displaying relevant signage for fire safety to direct people out of a building by the quickest and safest route, in the event of a fire or an emergency.

With a wide range of fire exit signs available, it can be confusing knowing which to choose for your own building. But, making the right decision is crucial, to ensure that regulations are properly adhered to, and users of your building can feel as safe as possible.

What fire exit signs do I need for my building?

In order to decide what fire exit signs you might need for your own building, it's important to assess the various fire escape routes within your premises, and the nearest directions people would need to take to safely reach these.

Bear in mind, that every building is different, so the emergency exit signs used for one location, might not be suitable for another.

However, the most important thing to consider when choosing and installing fire exit signs is that they are easy to read, and follow, and do not cause any confusion or conflicting instructions. There's no time to waste if a building is on fire, so having to stop to decipher a sign could cost lives.

What type of fire exit signs are there?

Most people recognise a fire exist sign by its green background, and white lettering and symbols. The words fire exit, sometimes with a picture of a fire, are accompanied by a symbol of a person running out of a door. Many signs also include directional arrows.

The arrow on fire or emergency exit signs indicates what route a person should follow to leave the building in the quickest way possible. So, for instance, a sign that has an arrow pointing left on it, indicates the user should turn left, and one with a right arrow shows that the exit is on the right. A sign with an arrow upon it is used to instruct people to continue along the route, or for when a final exit is reached. A down arrow may indicate that you need to go down some stairs to reach your final exit.

All emergency exit signs need to be clearly visible, so think about what size of sign you might need to purchase and where to place it. Consider the maximum distance the sign will be viewed from, to ensure that it can be clearly seen and is of an appropriate size.

What are the benefits of glow in the dark fire exit signs?

Fire exit signs might not be clearly visible in poorly-lit areas, so this is where glow in the dark signs can really come in handy. They're also easier to see if an area is filled with smoke, or if there is a power failure. These type of emergency exit signs use photoluminescence (PL) technology, enabling them to remain illuminated for several hours, for added peace of mind.

Always use a trusted sign specialist, such as The Sign Shed, when purchasing fire exit signs, to ensure they adhere to relevant safety standards and are made from sturdy, durable materials. Consider if you want signs with a self-adhesive vinyl backing or a wall mounting, to suit your preferences and circumstances.