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CCTV Signs

Why Do I Need CCTV Signs?

Security and CCTV camera signs serve as a powerful deterrent to illegal activity. Employees and members of the public should be made aware that they are being recorded on camera as a matter of course.

You should ensure that all employees, visitors, contractors, and others are aware of the use of surveillance whenever feasible. For example, suppose you want to convey that CCTV is monitoring you or that you'll prosecute anybody found stealing or damaging property. In that case, you'll need the right signs in place at your establishment.

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If you have invested in a closed circuit TV (CCTV surveillance system) you need to ensure that would-be intruders are notified of the cameras' presence by installing CCTV Signs (video surveillance signs). Warning signs CCTV help to protect your home or business from intruders, vandals and trespassers. 

Unless those with malicious intent are warned about CCTV, it might not prove to be a deterrent. Browse through our range of CCTV signs including CCTV in Operation Sign, CCTV Warning Signs and other CCTV Camera Warning Signs. Find the right CCTV signage display for your property. Coming in various shapes and sizes, with the option of buying single signs or multi-packs, trust our CCTV security signage range to supplement your investment in a CCTV system.

Where should CCTV Signs be placed?

Whilst it may seem an obvious answer, CCTV signs should always be placed next to a CCTV camera and should be displayed at eye level to ensure that people can see them instantly when they enter your premises. Most people fix them underneath the camera, usually to a wall. 

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