Safety Signs Hub

The Safety Signs Hub from The Sign Shed aims to help you stay safe in your workplace, including food safety in catering, first aid tips, employee safety & more

Reducing waste at work

It’s likely that your household recycling is taken care of through your local council. But what happens at work?

Food safety in catering

With risks such as food poisoning ever-present as a threat, not just to the health of customers, but to the reputation of the business you’re employed with, it’s extremely important to become suitably qualified and tuned in to the potential risks.

First aid tips that everyone should know

While every workplace has a dedicated and trained health and safety person to administer First Aid, it is very useful if everyone knows some basic procedures.

What is a risk assessment?

A risk assessment is a process in which you thoroughly examine any factors in the workplace that could cause harm to your employees….


Asbestos is one of the most significant health risks in the building trade, with the Health and Safety Executive estimating that around 5,000 workers a year die…

How your business can help protect the environment

No matter how small or large your organisation, all businesses have a responsibility to manage their impact on the environment….


Safety at work should be a priority for any business, particularly in high risk environments such as building sites or warehouses, but who is ultimately responsible for well-being?


Safety is paramount when operating a forklift, and while there are numerous health and safety regulations in place to ensure proper and secure use of machinery…

Car parks: packed full of hidden hazards

It's not just fast-moving traffic that you have to watch out for when it comes to health and safety; even slow-moving…


Isaac Newton was a physicist who thought that, by staring up at the sun, he could better understand how the universe worked….


In any business environment – from corporate to retail – stress is the biggest threat to satisfactory health and safety provision…


Many people think that health and safety is just red tape put in place to stop businesses being productive and making money - but this is the opposite of the truth….

Don’t let a lack of water safety signs dampen your business!

Safety signs play an important role in protecting a business’s employees and customers. But for those of us operating within an environment around water…

Don't let your business go up in flames

Since July 2007, smoking has been prohibited in public areas and the regulations have required businesses to implement very specific signage in order to comply with the new laws…

How warning signs can support your CCTV system

Faced with the threat of criminal activity such as burglary and vandalism, increasing numbers of property owners and businesses are installing CCTV systems to provide…

Wet floors: your responsibilities to keep customers safe

Highly visible ‘Caution: Wet Floor’ signs are frequently seen in public areas such as shops, schools and local authority buildings…

Farm signs: a serious matter

Although you'll hear people grumble about health and safety strictures, there are many really serious hazards in the world that it pays to be aware of…

Go green with custom signs

With the green agenda high on the list of every set of corporate objectives, making sure that your business operates in an environmentally friendly and energy efficient way doesn’t just help the planet…

Are first aid signs really necessary?

If you're a business owner, you'll no doubt be aware that there are plenty of regulations regarding which signs are vital on your business premises…

Why signs reminding people to wash their hands are so important

We're all aware that we should wash our hands at certain points in time: before handling food, after handling raw meat, after using the toilet and so on…

Are your health and safety signs big enough?

No business buys health & safety signs as decorative items: they're there to be noticed. Some businesses may be tempted to buy the cheapest possible signs in order to save money…

Safety on the farm: How signs can help agricultural workers

Few areas are as dangerous as a farm. Agricultural operations often utilise vast amounts of land, dangerous chemicals and machinery…

Further reading

For more information on the latest Health & Safety Executive legislation on safety signs, visit the HSE website at and download the HSE Safety signs and signals Guidance on regulations publication.


For further information on UK Health and Safety, visit The Safety Hub.