No Parking Sign attached to mesh fence

Do I need planning permission for a sign?

Today, planning permission is a requirement for building projects, but rules are constantly being updated. As a result, many individuals and businesses find UK regulations confusing and become unsure of which rule applies to their plans. While certain types of outbuildings and extensions are often subject to a successful planning application, other property elements such as signs are another matter altogether.

If you’re curious what the rules are regarding council permission to install a sign, read on to find out more.

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Business man with back pain in office

How to avoid injury with manual handling

Manual handling is essential to many business operations, including construction, manufacturing, transportation, nursing and agriculture. Unfortunately, manual handling injuries are quite common, accounting for over a third of workplace injuries. As a result, employers have a legal responsibility to assess the risks of their operations and implement reasonable measures that ensure the health and safety of their staff.

Keep reading to learn more about manual handling and how you can avoid injury with manual handling.

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Germs on hand

The importance of washing your hands

Good hygiene tips for the catering industry

The production and preparation of food inevitably involves the handling of ingredients by staff members. This in itself presents multiple risks to the end consumer of the product. Inadequate hygiene among those handling food stuffs is one of the most common causes of food poisoning. Contamination with specific, and very nasty, illnesses such as salmonella, E. coli and shigella can arise from unwashed hands and represents a serious hazard to human health. The NHS reports that in the UK, food poisoning is to blame for an estimated 20,000 hospitalisations and 500 deaths every year.*

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