Which Sign Material ?

This is The Sign Shed guide to choosing the right sign material

All our signs are manufactured in our Yorkshire HQ, so we're proud to state that they're MADE IN BRITAIN. Here, we'll help you decide which type of material is best suited for your signs.  


Self-adhesive vinyl stickers

These are suitable for INDOOR USE ONLY. We use industry recommended Metamark digital vinyl. It's a tough, flexible, high quality vinyl material with an adhesive backing.

Make sure the surface you're applying it to is flat, smooth and clean. Self-adhesive vinyl is waterproof, however, we would not advise using a sticker outside unless you are confident that the surface is suitable. The surface needs to be non-porous. Vinyl stickers will not stick to wood, rendered, wood chip, brick or stone walls, concrete or similar surfaces. We would recommend the recycled plastic or composite aluminium alternative materials in this case. 

Please note that self-adhesive vinyl stickers WILL NOT stick to the new formula washable, "wipe clean" painted surfaces, where products such as Dulux Easycare Matt Emulsion paint have been used.

If you're unsure, ask us.

We would not recommend you try to stick a self-adhesive vinyl sticker larger than an A4 size yourself. It is not as easy as it may appear!

Click here to view the datasheet for Metamark MD-100 vinyl.


Floor Stickers

We use Grafityp Textured Anti-Slip Floor vinyl. It's a removable adhesive material specifically "designed for creating floor graphics which require an anti-slip layer to limit the slip risk". This indoor floor vinyl's expected life span amounts to several years. There's a standard version and a high-tack version which may be suitable for more textured floor surfaces such as carpet tiles. It is not suitable for carpets or outdoor use.

Click here to view the datasheet for Grafityp Textured Anti-Slip Floor Vinyl.


Rigid Plastic Signs

This sign material is the industry standard for safety signage. It's a 1mm Rigid Plastic option, offering a lightweight, durable, waterproof material suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

The plastic can be drilled for fixing holes at no extra cost.


Recycled Plastic Signs

We are the first online UK sign manufacturer to offer our full product range of health and safety signs and general signage in 50% recycled plastic. This new bright white waterproof 3mm recycled plastic is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and far more environmentally friendly than the rigid plastic equivalent. It offers the surface qualities of rigid and foamed plastic with a lighter recycled foam PVC centre. The material is 100% recyclable.

It offers an excellent printing surface, ideal for a huge range of signage uses and it's better for the environment. For more information click here.

The plastic can be drilled for fixing holes or foam adhesive pads can be used on the back to stick it to a surface.


Metal Signs from Composite Aluminium (Dibond Signs)

This is designed for outdoor signage use. The aluminium composite material consists of two thin aluminium sheets bonded to a non-aluminium core. It is an industry-standard material for outdoor signage. It can be drilled for fixing holes with relative ease. Request pre-drilled holes when ordering and we'll do it for you, free of charge! We use 3mm thick composite aluminium, Made in Britain by ALUPANEL. For more details on the aluminium composite material click hereThe material is manufactured from a minimum of 80% recycled materials and is 100% recyclable.

Dibond signage is made of two sheets of aluminium, plastic, or PVC sandwiched together by a layer of polyethylene. Because aluminium composite signs are made using sturdy aluminium and durable polyethylene, it is not surprising they are a popular choice for business signs outdoors. One of the UK's most popular outdoor sign materials in the sign industry, aluminium composite signs are primarily used where durability is necessary and are the best choice for outdoor signage. Dibond signs, also known as composite aluminium signs, are the most robust and longest-lasting metal products.

Lighter than untreated aluminium, Dibond signs initially came in two thin, solid panels of aluminium, which were bonded together with a polyethylene core. Our Aluminum Composite signs are made from two sheets of corrosion-resistant aluminium, permanently bonded with polyethylene cores. Two factory-painted aluminium sheets are permanently bonded on either side to a high-density polyethylene core, sandwiching the plastic sign panels between them. By harnessing the strength of two strong metal layers on each side of the strong plastic, DiBond signs are more robust and less flexible than aluminium signs.

While metal signs are highly weather-resistant and resistant to fade, paint can be easily scraped off them if not carefully applied. As with all signs, you must always be aware of the surface and not scratch it off with sharp objects because that can ruin the sign.

The sun does not damage the Composite aluminium itself; over time, even the best-printed inks will fade. Aluminium composite printed signs are most useful in permanent installations, where specifications call for a cheap material that will be exposed to high levels of light. Do not let low-cost Dibond fool you; Dibond signs last for a decade outside, and Designs & Signs uses only the best printing mediums and cast vinyl.

Weather-resistant, durable, lightweight, and highly durable, our custom Dibond signs are ideal for any of your signage needs, indoors or out. Dibond printed signs are ideal for all types of outdoor advertising, from event signage to wayfinding signs, from hoarding boards mounted outdoors to display signs mounted on walls. Custom Dibond outdoor signs can help bring more customers into your business, indoor Dibond signs help keep them, and advertising Dibond signs can help boost your brand's visibility.

Yes, Dibond signs are fully rust-proof, water-resistant, mould-resistant, and chemical-resistant, making these aluminium signs with polythene cores suitable for exterior use in all types of weather. Plus, we use long-lasting, bright UV-resistant inks to ensure that your custom-printed Dibond signs will last the test of time.

Aluminum Composite is the most robust material in the outdoor sign industry due to its weight, making it the optimal choice for any outdoor signage that is likely to be subjected to a large wind load.

Aluminium composite is an all-in-one material made from polyethylene-aluminum that provides powerful and professional-looking metal signs at a low cost. DiBond signage, also known as Aluminum Composite signage, is the most robust solution to your signage needs.

Dibond is a material made from aluminium composite, which has been in existence for many years now and has become pretty popular as signage material for various types of businesses. Aluminum Dibond is popular with businesses who want a permanent outdoor signage solution or for anyone who wants the best possible material for their stiff signs. Multiple colour options allow Dibond to be custom-made, and Dibond signs can have your logos, photos, and images printed onto them.

Any hard surface, including brick, cement, drywall, wood, metal, etc., can be used to mount your signs. To mount your signs, you will have to punch a pilot hole in your surface material and then mount your signs using screws or bolts.


1.3mm Photoluminescent PVC

The 1.3 mm photo-luminescent PVC (Glow In The Dark) material option complies with British Standard BS5499-2:1986. This Class B photo-luminescent sign charges itself in normal daylight and glows in darkness in the event of an emergency situation such as a power failure. Surpasses PSPA class B (50/7-900 DIN 67510). 


Foamed Plastic Signs (Foamex)

A particular favourite material for temporary construction site safety boards. It is strong, but lightweight. It's weatherproof and designed for outdoor signage use. The foam board is white with a matt finish. Our foamex is 3mm thick.


Fluted Polypropylene (Correx)

This material is designed for temporary signage, such as that used in the construction industry. It is a cheap, lightweight solution for short-term signage.



Standard 440gsm PVC Banner

This is the industry-standard lightweight, weather-resistant banner material, suitable for indoor and short-term outdoor use. It is flame-resistant to DIN7 5200. Gloss finish.

Excellent quality prints using the latest eco-friendly Green Guard Gold Certified UV ink technology. Supplied hemmed and eyeleted, with cable-ties for easy fixing, at no extra charge.

Ideal for children's birthday party banners.


Premium 510gsm Extra-Strong PVC Banner

An extra strong PVC banner, weather-resistant, suitable for indoor and long-term outdoor use. It offers a higher quality tear-resistance and durability compared with the standard banner material. M1/B1 Fire retardant to UK and European fire safety standards. Satin finish.

Excellent quality prints using the latest eco-friendly Green Guard Gold Certified UV ink technology. Supplied hemmed and eyeleted, with cable-ties for easy fixing, at no extra charge.

Ideal for premium quality advertising banners.


260gsm MESH Banner

A lightweight, no rip, perforated weatherproof media ideal for banners in windy areas. The mesh holes design allows some of the wind and some light to pass through.

M1/B1 Fire retardant to the UK and European fire safety standards. Standard finish.

Excellent quality prints using the latest eco-friendly Green Guard Gold Certified UV ink technology. Supplied hemmed and eyeleted, with cable-ties for easy fixing, at no extra charge.

Ideal for scaffolding and fence banners.