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No Smoking Signs

How many smoking signs do I need to comply UK law?

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What type of signage is a Smoking Sign?

Smoking signs contain a prohibition circle with a lit cigarette image with white text on a red background.

Do your staff or visitors know where they are, and are not, allowed to smoke? All businesses have a legal responsibility to provide effective smoking area signs on their premises, with fines of up to £2500 for businesses that fail to do so. We've eye-catching signs for no smoking which are available as plastic signs, metal signs (composite aluminium) or as self-adhesive vinyl stickers.


Where can I buy a No Smoking Sign for the workplace?

We have a great range of Smoking signs from simple prohibition symbols through to specific instructions such as ‘No Smoking E-Cigarettes permitted signs’. We have signs specifically appropriate for bars, hotels, toilets, offices and more with text to make it simple and easy to understand the no smoking requirements.

We also have smoking area signs to indicate areas where smoking is allowed to make it easier for those using your space to know what areas they can use to smoke cigarettes or e-cigarettes. It is against the law to smoke outside of designated areas in public and work environments, so our ‘Designated Smoking Area signs' make it easy for people to follow the law.

People in the general public will be very aware of what these smoking signs look like as the smoking ban has been in place since 2007 in England (and earlier in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland). Our no smoking signs use standard symbols and colours to make them instantly recognisable to anyone using your area.

They feature a red prohibition sign with an image of a cigarette and those that also include text show a red block with clear white writing. This makes the signs eye-catching, easy to spot, and therefore easy to follow.


What No Smoking Signs do I need Near Flammable Liquids & Chemicals?

It is even more vital to display clear no smoking signs in areas of a building, work environment or public space that are in close proximity to flammable materials or chemicals. Cigarettes could cause major disasters that put the health of people in danger.

We have a range of ‘No Smoking Or Naked Lights signs' to make it completely clear to people in the area the importance of keeping potential fire hazards at bay.

What are the UK Smoking Laws for my business?

From July 2007 is has been illegal to smoke in enclosed workplaces or public places anywhere in the UK. Not only that, but businesses have to by law display clear no smoking signs to make it easy for people to remember the law, follow it and keep places safe.

From cafes and B&B's to university campuses and restaurants, no smoking signs come in handy for a wide range of situations. They help to ensure that people do not smoke by mistake in prohibited areas and also prevent them from claiming they did not know they couldn't! Not displaying the correct 'No Smoking' signs could land your business with a £1000 fine.

We have signs available in a range of materials and fittings from screws to self-adhesive pads. You can find the perfect no smoking sign for your business, building or public space.


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