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Social Distancing Floor Stickers

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Are You Looking to buy Coronavirus Social Distancing Floor Stickers & Social Distancing Signs For Floor?

Shop from our wide range of non-slip, easy to apply Coronavirus COVID-19 Floor Stickers and Social Distancing Floor Signs

The stickers are ideal for queue management to mark out 1 metre or 2 metre spacing for safe queuing or to identify hand wash stations, for example.

Encourage social distancing with our standard Floor Stickers, which are manufactured using textured 230 micron thick print film with a special anti-slip layer. Ensure that staff and visitors are aware of the social distancing measures and coronavirus guidelines within your school, college, university, factory, shop, pub or offices. Easy to install and remove with no damage to flooring.

Our floor stickers social distancing feature an anti-skid layer and can easily be applied to smooth clean surfaces, peel the backing and stick down! 

They are not suitable for carpet tiles, carpets or outdoor use. The building must be dry and warm (normal operating temperature for an office or home) as the stickers will not adhere well in cold/damp conditions. Please also note that if your floor has been treated with a cleaning product or wax polish for example the stickers may not stick effectively.

If you are in any doubt, please contact us on 01977 220000 or email and we’ll send out a sample sticker for you to try out before you place an order with us.

Featured below are our Coronavirus Printed Floor Graphics and social distancing floor stickers which come in a selection of sizes. Display these Social Distancing Floor Markers in your workplace including factory floor, shops, cafes, restaurants, takeaways, bars, clubs. These Social Distancing Signs are British Standard 7976 indicate a low slip risk in dry conditions.

We've introduced an extensive range of social distancing floor signs to help keep your building safe for workers and visitors from Coronavirus COVID-19. The floor stickers are manufactured from a textured 230-micron thick white print film vinyl that includes a special anti-slip surface top layer.  Show More Hide This