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No entry signs

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Need to buy restricted no entry sign for your property?

We've an extensive range of no entry signs and no exit signs to inform the public of no access to private areas of your building, car park or land using the no entry symbol and wording of your choice.

Our Standard No Entry Sign UK

Standard no entry signs in recycled plastic and metal (composite aluminium) are in red colouring which is the standard colour for ‘danger’ or highly important signs. It makes them eye-catching and easily noticed by members of the public or staff.

The standard no entry sign features a man holding out a hand with a prohibition symbol (red circle with a diagonal line) over the image, as per standard prohibition signs. These no entry signs are clear, easy to understand and many also feature text such as NO ENTRY or NO UNAUTHORISED ENTRY.

They are very clear and concise to ensure they are easily understood by anyone on your site or property, even those who don’t speak English or the same language as the sign. They are a reliable, compliant way to keep people safe in and around your area.

Site No Entry Signs

If you manage a construction site, then it’s essential that you make it clear what areas can and can’t be accessed to protect the people that are using the site. Our construction site no entry signs have both a clear prohibition, no entry symbol, but also contain additional information such as ‘no entry without ear protection’ or other additional warnings. You can find the perfect sign to suit your specific requirements.

If our no entry signs don't exist with your needed text, we also have custom no entry signs available that feature the standard prohibition symbol, but with your own text so you can specify any unique requirements for your construction site or other workplace.

No Unauthorised Entry Sign

As well as no entry signs, we also have limited access, No Unauthorised Entry signs. These help to control who has access to an area of a site or building, protecting the safety of workers, the privacy of your business or the safety of members of the public. These often come with additional warning signs to inform people in more detail of the area in which access is restricted, such as 'confined space' warnings (also featuring the standard yellow colouring and exclamation symbol) or 'X-Ray Radiation' no entry signs. Whatever you need, we've got the perfect sign for you.

If you can't find the sign you're looking for, don't hesitate to get in touch. We have a massive range of no entry, no unauthorised entry and general access signs, as well as custom sign options.

Popular No Entry Signs

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