Fire exit signs play a critical role in guiding individuals to safety during an emergency, particularly in the event of a fire. These signs are designed to mark the routes for safe evacuation from a building. The UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE) outlines specific requirements for fire exit signage to ensure compliance with fire safety regulations. Fire exit signs are often accompanied by the phrase "Fire Exit" and are designed to be highly visible, to help individuals locate the nearest available exit.
Emergency exit signs are another essential type of signage that guides the location of emergency exits within a building. These signs are strategically positioned to ensure that occupants can swiftly and safely exit the premises in the event of an emergency, including fire. According to HSE guidelines, fire exit signs should be located in prominent positions throughout a building, including above designated exit doors, along escape routes, and at decision points to indicate the direction of the nearest fire exits clearly. Additionally, these signs should be unobstructed and visible from a distance to ensure that individuals can easily locate and access the designated escape routes during an emergency.