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Fire Exit signs

Looking for Fire Exit Signs, that comply with British Standard BS 5499, to display in your building?

Shop for a fire exit sign from the emergency fire signage range at The Sign Shed as part of your Emergency evacuation planning. Display a emergency fire exit sign near your fire emergency escape. See our range of fire safety signs signs including 'fire exit keep clear signs' and 'fire exit do not obstruct sign'. Our Emergency Exit Signs are vital in the event of a fire in order to ensure everybody leaves you premises safely. Find out from our range which fire exit sign to use above an exit door.


Why Fire Exit Signs are Important for Your Business

Fire exit signs are important in case of emergency. They tell people where to go when an alarm sounds. The signs also let people know that there is no danger inside the building.

  • They Warn People About Danger.

Fire exit signs are designed to warn people about potential dangers. They alert people to fire hazards such as open flames, hot surfaces, or broken glass. These signs also help people find exits quickly during emergencies.

  • They Help You Identify Where People Are Going.

Fire exit signs are an important part of any business because they help employees identify where people are going. This helps them avoid accidents and keep everyone safe.

  • They Can Save Lives.

In addition to helping employees find exits, fire exit signs also save lives by alerting people when there is a fire. If you see smoke coming out of a building, you should immediately evacuate.

  • They Protect Property from Damage.

Fire exit signs are an important part of any business because they protect property from damage. A fire exit sign helps ensure that everyone knows where to go in case of emergency. It also provides a visual cue for visitors and customers so they know where to go.

  • They Provide Safety Information.

Fire exit signs provide safety information to people who visit your office or store. In addition to providing directions, they let people know when there is danger and where to find help. This makes them very helpful for businesses and offices.

What procedures should you have in place for emergency evacuation?

As part of your emergency planning procedures, you must carry out the following:

First, conduct a risk assessment for fire safety.

Keep sources of ignition and flammable substances separate to avoid accidental fires; for example, make sure heaters cannot be knocked over.

Maintain good housekeeping at all times, such as avoiding the accumulation of trash that could catch fire.

Consider how to detect fires and quickly warn people if they start, such as installing smoke alarms and fire alarms or bells.

Have the proper fire-fighting equipment on hand to quickly extinguish a fire.

Ensure that all escape routes are marked clearly with the appropriate Fire Exit signage and unobstructed at all times.

Ensure that your employees are adequately trained on the procedures they must follow, including fire drills.

Regularly review and update your risk assessment.

For more information visit the HSE Toolbox on General Fire Safety Hazards.

What are Fire Exit Signs?

Emergency Escape Signs, such as a "push bar to open sticker" are safe condition signs and are always green in colour with the words 'fire exit' and a 'running man' or 'green tick' image and in some cases an arrow, all in white. Fire escape signs are displayed within the escape route of a building and are needed so that a route can be found from a room that has more than one exit. Ensure that everyone in the building knows the safe routes in the event of a fire.

All our Fire Safety Signs comply with British Standard BS5499.

It is a legal requirement for most buildings used by the public or employees to have appropriate fire safety systems in place. The requirement includes displaying relevant signage for fire safety to direct people out of a building by the quickest and safest route in the event of a fire or an emergency.

With a wide range of fire exit signs available, it can be not very clear knowing which to choose for your building. But, making the right decision is crucial to ensure that regulations are correctly adhered to, and users of your building can feel as safe as possible.

What fire exit signs do I need for my building?

When you decide what fire exit signs you might need for your building, it's essential to assess the various fire escape routes within your premises and the nearest directions people would need to take to reach there safely.

Bear in mind that every building is different, so the emergency exit signs used for one location might not be suitable for another.

When selecting and installing fire exit signs, make sure they are easy to read and follow and do not cause any confusion or conflicting instructions. There's no time to waste if a building is on fire, so having to stop to decipher a sign could cost lives.

What type of fire exit signs are there?

Most people recognise a fire that exists by its green background and white lettering and symbols. The wording is accompanied by a symbol of a person running out of a door. Many signs also include directional arrows.

The arrow on fire or emergency exit signs indicates the route a person should follow to leave the building quickly. So, for instance, a sign with an arrow pointing left on it indicates the user should turn left, and one with a right arrow shows that the exit is on the right. In addition, a sign with an arrow is used to identify the escape route or a final exit. For example, a down arrow may indicate that you need to go down some stairs to reach your final exit.

All emergency exit signs need to be visible, so think about what size of sign you might need to purchase and where to place it. Also, consider the maximum distance someone will view the sign from to ensure that it can be seen and is of an appropriate size.

What are the benefits of glow in the dark fire exit signs?

Fire exit signs might not be visible in poorly-lit areas, so this is where glow in the dark signs can come in handy. They're also easier to see if an area is filled with smoke or if there is a power failure. In addition, these emergency exit signs use photoluminescence (PL) technology to remain illuminated for several hours for added peace of mind.

Always use a trusted sign specialist, such as The Sign Shed, when purchasing fire exit signs to ensure they adhere to relevant safety standards and are made from sturdy, durable materials. Also, consider if you want signs with a self-adhesive vinyl backing or a wall mounting to suit your preferences and circumstances. 

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