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Need to buy Catering, Food Safety & Hygiene Signs for your Takeaway, Restaurant, Cafe, Pub or Caterers?

Keep your catering and kitchen staff aware of the food preparation storage areas for Cooked Meats, Raw Meats or Fish Only. Make sure staff are mindful of which sink is used for certain food preparations such as pot wash, hand wash and food wash with our range of Food Safety & Hygiene Signs, such as food production signs and knives signs. Mark the dedicated sink areas for cleaning and food preparation in any food kitchen. 

Businesses and households alike can benefit significantly from the Food Standards Agency's (FSA) expertise in food safety and sanitation.

If you need to meet UK food hygiene requirements, here are some things to keep in mind.

Catering signage isn't everything we're talking about, but we offer an excellent selection of food safety and industrial kitchen signs!

Here you'll discover information on keeping your food safe and sanitary at all stages of production.

When making sure that the food you serve is safe to eat, you must practise good food hygiene in your kitchen. Excellent hygiene standards can prevent food poisoning by using it.

Clean effectively

Business owners and employees should take the following steps:

After handling raw food, thoroughly clean and sanitise food preparation facilities and equipment.

Clean up as you go. Clean up any spilt food as soon as possible and thoroughly sanitise the area.

Workers should follow the manufacturer's directions while using cleaning and disinfecting products.

Disinfection products must comply with the BS EN guidelines to be considered safe. Look for the following codes on product labels: BS EN 1276 or BS EN 13697.

Do not allow an accumulation of food waste. Instead, properly dispose of food waste.

Cleaning surfaces and equipment regularly can be made easier with the aid of a routine cleaning regimen. It's also an excellent way to prevent wastage of cleaning supplies or misusing them.

Cook Safely

Cooking food thoroughly removes hazardous microorganisms. Food poisoning can result from undercooked food.

Cook meat thoroughly. Before serving, check that the juices run clear. Adhere to the correct cooking temperatures as outlined in your staff training.

Chilling Food Safely

The growth of dangerous microorganisms can be halted by appropriately chilling food. Therefore, refrigeration is required for certain foods to maintain their safety.

When serving or presenting cold foods, they can be kept out of the refrigerator for a maximum of four hours.

Temperatures of 8°C or lower are required to store cold food. England, Wales, and N. Ireland all have laws requiring this as a condition of doing business.

Store chilled food at 5 degrees Celcius to keep it safe. Keep an eye on the temperature in your refrigerator and any display cases.

Freezing Food Safely

It is essential to freeze food with care and to handle it securely once it has been frozen:

Once it arrives, put the food in the freezer immediately.

If possible, frozen food should be stored within two hours of delivery or preparation.

Before freezing, separate the meal into smaller parts and store it in containers or freezer bags.

Kitchen staff should mark the use-by date if you plan to freeze food that has a 'use-by' date to use it at a later period. You will need to alter the "use-by" or "best-before" date as the last step.

Defrosting Food Safely

The best way of defrosting food is to put it in the fridge first. Refrigeration is an effective way to maintain a safe defrosting temperature for food.

How to Avoid The Risk of Cross-Contamination

By "cross-contamination," we mean the spread of bacteria between different types of food and surfaces or equipment.

To avoid contamination, ensure that work areas, surfaces, and equipment are adequately separated for raw and pre-cooked food.

Ensure work surfaces are cleaned and disinfected when necessary, including the correct use of chopping boards.

It's essential to always wash your hands thoroughly before preparing or if you touch raw food.

Store raw food below cooked food in a refrigerator.

For lots more helpful advice and information, visit the FSA website.

Our Food Preparation health and safety sign range also inform staff of  the correct temperatures food should be stored at  and help distinguish which fridge or freezer is for which food. Keep your kitchen in order with our range of hygiene & kitchen signs 

What is the purpose of food safety signs?

Catering safety signs, food hygiene signs and food preparation signs are important, legal reminders to workers of the dangers of food poisoning through cross contamination and the need to keep food safe. Slips, trips and falls, hot surfaces and cuts from knives are the main causes of accidents and injuries in the catering industry, avoid injury by displaying the correct Health and Safety Sign in your kitchen. 

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