Don’t let a lack of water safety signs dampen your business! - The Sign Shed

Don’t let a lack of water safety signs dampen your business!

Don’t let a lack of water safety signs dampen your business!

No water safety signs could kill your business

Safety signs play an important role in protecting a business’s employees and customers. But for those of us operating within an environment around water, the use of health and safety signs couldn’t be more important. Yet astonishingly, many businesses still choose to operate without these mandatory signs; given the risks involved with water, this could have serious ramifications for any business!

There are three main types of water safety signs you need to be aware of…

Water safety signs warning people of danger

These are arguably the most common health and safety signs that your business may have to consider. Triangular in shape and using only black and yellow as colours, these signs help alert people to a hazard in the vicinity of your business.

This might include:
• Deep water
• Shallow water
• A strong current

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Water safety signs warning people to not do something

Most common in establishments offering swimming facilities or waterways, these signs help people understand what they’re not allowed to do. These signs show a banned activity in black and white, with a traditional red ring and line running through it. Although most commonly with ‘no swimming’, these signs can encompass a wide range of outlawed water-based activities, such as:

• No fishing
• No mechanically powered crafts
• No surfing

Water safety signs telling people to do something

Health and safety signs aren’t just about warning, they also serve to help us proactively maintain our safety. Easily distinguishable from warnings, these signs feature a light blue background with the shape or symbol illustrated in white. Usually found on boats, ferries and other crafts, the most common mandatory sign is one reminding people to wear lifejackets. Depending on the nature of your establishment, similar signs might include:

• Reminding people to shut fire doors
• Reminding people to wash their hands
• Reminding people to switch something off after use

Investing in health and safety signs can often fall at the wayside for busy companies. But as well as helping you stay on the right side of legislation, these signs make life easier for both employees and customers alike – making them a must for businesses of all shapes and sizes!

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