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Don’t let your business go up in flames

Don’t let your business go up in flames

No smoking signs: don’t let your business go up in flames

Since July 2007, smoking has been prohibited in public areas and the regulations have required businesses to implement very specific signage in order to comply with the new laws. Failure to display the correct signage can result in a maximum fine of £1000, so it’s crucial that you learn about the important regulations.

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No Smoking Signs Regulations

All smoke-free vehicles and premises must have appropriate no smoking signs on clear display at all times. No smoking signs in premises accessible by members of the public must:

– Be a minimum of 210mm x 148mm (the size of A5 paper)
– Display the international no smoking symbol (the lit cigarette in a red circle with a red line through it) at least 70mm in diameter.
– Contain the following statement in clear, legible text: “No smoking. It is against the law to smoke in these premises”. It is possible to customise “these premises” with your specific business premises, such as “this pub” or “this shop”.

Smaller no smoking signs displaying just the international no smoking symbol without accompanying text are permitted in premises which are located in larger smoke-free buildings, such as shopping centres.

In smoke-free vehicles, a sign displaying the international no smoking symbol at least 70mm in diameter must be on display in each compartment of the vehicle where people can be carried. For example, a train with multiple carriages is required to display a no smoking sign in each carriage in order to abide by the regulations.

Optional Smoking Signs

Although there are no official regulations on smoking area signs, they can help you to guide your employees or customers to designated smoking areas where you would prefer them to smoke. This may be further away from your main building to reduce the risk of the smell of smoke entering, or it may be so that you can place ashtrays in the area and minimise litter.

Pubs and bars may wish to place warning signs regarding the smoking of e-cigarettes indoors, in which case we have a range of signs to suit your needs alongside our standard regulation no smoking signs. You can also create your own custom signs with a smoking message that is unique to your premises or business.


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