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Water Safety signs

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To stay safe near water, you should always read and obey water safety signs.

The main types of warning safety signs that help alert people to a hazard such as deep water, or water prohibition signage, commonly found in swimming facilities and waterways and show a banned activity such as No fishing signs, No swimming signs, or No Diving signs.

There are three main types of water safety signs including prohibition signs, mandatory signs and hazard signs. Each have different meanings, see below more on Water Health & Safety Signs and their meanings. Our range of water safety signs are ideal swimming signs and pool safety signs.

Water Hazard Signs 

Water Warning signs that warn of the danger, the main purpose of this safety sign is to keep people aware of the hazards near water. See our water hazard signs

Water Prohibition Signs

Water Prohibition Signs are instructing people not to do something and often displayed with a symbol in a red ring with a line running through. See our water prohibition signs and include safety signs no diving. 

Water Mandatory Signs

Water Mandatory Signs tells you that you should do something, informing you to do something for your own safety. 
You should always read and obey these instructions and they must comply to current British Standards BS 5499-11: 2002.

For more information you can visit the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents website at

Our Most Popular Water Safety Signs

  • Beware Deep Water Warning Sign Deep Water can be potentially dangerous and harmful such as drowning, stop people accidentally or purposefully falling into deep water with this warning sign.
  • Danger of Drowning Signs Hazard sign warning of the dangers of drowning in a nearby lake, canal or river. 
  • No Swimming Sign Ban swimming from rivers and lakes where undercurrents and other dangers may occur.
  • Life Jackets Must be Worn Display this mandatory sign on a boat or water vessel to ensure that people know that life jackets are compulsory.
  • No Diving Safety Sign Enforce or ban diving in a particular area such as near a swimming pool.
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