Safety on the farm: How signs can help agricultural workers - The Sign Shed

Safety on the farm: How signs can help agricultural workers

Safety on the farm: How signs can help agricultural workers

Safety on the farm: How signs can help agricultural workers

Few areas are as dangerous as a farm. Agricultural operations often utilise vast amounts of land, dangerous chemicals and machinery. As such, safety is highly important and the right health & safety signs are crucial. Here are a few agricultural areas that always need to be well signalled.

Signs For Farm Machinery

Farming farming signs is designed to cut and collect vast amounts of organic material. While the likes of harvesters are designed to harvest wheat and plant matter, they can no doubt cause a great deal of injury for people. The right signs will make this clear; if people stay clear of it while it’s stationary, they will stay clear of it when it is active.


On many farms, there are all manner of dangerous chemicals that need to be handled with care. This includes traditional fluids, such as oil for the various engines and equipment, as well as dangerous pesticides, various forms of compost and manure. Farming signs should be used to label these hazards clearly. This is not only a health and safety regulation, it can also prevent serious accidents, injury or contamination.


Cattle and other livestock are commonplace in agriculture, but they are not without their share of dangers. It always helps to warn others of aggressive animals, especially around fences and other barriers with the public. Even on the farm itself, workers should be aware of when to expect livestock. Many areas, such as milking stations, often involve direct, close contact, and should be similarly signposted, such as the Bull in Field warning sign below.

bull in field sign | shop now at The Sign Shed

Regulations and training

While traditional health and safety – displaying warning signs near dangerous machines and liquids – is important, it’s just as important to remind your staff what they can and can’t do (eg wash your hands, no smoking etc). Complex packaging or harvesting machinery, even if not mobile, needs to be handled by a trained operative. A custom sign can warn staff not to approach a machine, unless they are suitably qualified and wearing the correct safety equipment. Signs like this will keep staff constantly aware, so that accidents can be avoided at all costs.

As stated, these signs are often all staff need to see to be informed on the right processes, so make sure to invest in the best possible notices. Here at The Sign Shed, we’re more than happy to help with custom signs or other mandatory signs, such as health and safety, so don’t hesitate to get in touch!


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