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Four signs for the home

Four signs for the home

Safety signs for homeowners

We see signs everywhere. Some are providing warnings, some are giving directions and some are offering us instructions or presenting us with useful information. Your home might be the only ‘sign-free’ zone that you ever spend your time in, but have you ever stopped to think how breaking down the barrier and adding signs to your home could make your life safer and easier? Here are four types of sign that your home might benefit from:

Neighbourhood Watch

A Neighbourhood Watch scheme is a formal agreement that neighbours will look out for one another. If your street isn’t already a Neighbourhood Watch zone, then why not be the one to set it up? You’ll need to get the agreement of your neighbours, and then register as an official Neighbourhood Watch scheme with your local police. Signs in your neighbourhood then act as a crime deterrent.

beware of the dog sign | shop now at The Sign ShedBeware of the dog

On a more personal level, a ‘beware of the dog’ sign will warn potential burglars that your home is guarded by your pet. Your dog doesn’t necessarily need to be an effective guard dog – the sign is a deterrent on its own, and if your dog is heard or seen then a burglar will be even less likely to take a risk.

No parking

Unfortunately, some drivers don’t seem to be aware of their surroundings. By installing a sign that makes people aware that they’re accessing private property, you should find that the grounds of your home become your private space once again. Even if you don’t have grounds surrounding your home, a well-placed sign can make people aware of your driveway and can stop them from parking across it and blocking you in.

Fun signs

Signs don’t have to be serious and don’t need a practical purpose. Equip your house with fun signs, ranging from signs for doors to novelty signs that are purely for decoration. Why not be a good host by adding your WiFi password to a sign for guests to read when they visit your home? Label your son or daughter’s room door with their own personalised and customised signs, or install your own recycling bin signs to encourage your partner to use the right bins. I’m very cheeky and display a no smoking sign, just to make sure my guests know to puff away outside.


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