Smoking Or Naked Lights Positively Forbidden Sign

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Smoking Or Naked Lights Positively Forbidden Sign

This Smoking Or Naked Lights Positively Forbidden Sign is an essential addition to any safety-conscious environment. With its clear and concise message, this sign effectively communicates the prohibition of smoking and the use of naked lights, such as matches or lighters.

Key Features:

  • Highly visible and durable
  • Portrait version
  • Suitable for various locations, including petrol station forecourts
  • Compliant with safety regulations


  • Ensures the safety of individuals and property
  • Prevents potential fire hazards
  • Perfect for schools, offices, restaurants, shops, and factories working with combustible materials
  • Contributes to a smoke-free environment

As a responsible individual in charge of safety, it is crucial to have this notice prominently displayed in your establishment. Whether you are looking to maintain a safe environment in a school, office, restaurant, shop, or factory, this sign is an absolute necessity.

By purchasing this Smoking Or Naked Lights Positively Forbidden Sign, you not only fulfill your legal obligations, but you also prioritize the well-being of everyone within your premises. This sign acts as a clear reminder that smoking and the use of naked lights are strictly prohibited.

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More information

The material you need depends on where you sign is going and the surface the notice will be attached to. Click here for more information on the sign material you should choose.

The HSE (Health and Safety Executive) is the UK government body that determines the correct use of safety signs and symbols for each hazard in the workplace. For more details on the legal requirements, view our Guide to UK Safety Signs from The Sign Shed

The size of the sign needed is dependent on various factors such as how far away it needs to be viewed from. Click here for the viewing distances guide from The Sign Shed