HSE Electric Shock First Aid Procedures Poster


HSE Electric Shock First Aid Procedures Poster

Stay prepared for electric shock incidents with the latest version of the HSE Electric Shock First Aid Procedures Poster. This HSE approved poster provides essential information on first aid treatment, ensuring that you are equipped to respond effectively in emergencies. The poster features clear instructions for first aid procedures when faced with an electric shock incident. Authenticity is guaranteed with the embedded hologram, giving you peace of mind. Manufactured in a laminated, recyclable PP5 material, this poster not only improves durability but also contributes to better eco credentials compared to previous versions. Available in size A3, the poster is suitable for easy display and reference.

Key Features and Advantages:

  • Essential information on first aid treatment for electric shock incidents
  • HSE approved and authentic with embedded hologram
  • Laminated, recyclable PP5 material for improved durability
  • Clear instructions for easy reference
  • Contributes to better eco credentials compared to previous versions
  • Available in size A3 for easy display

What's Included:

The HSE Electric Shock First Aid Procedures Poster contains essential advice and instructions for first aid treatment in an emergency situation. It covers the following:

  • How to respond when faced with an unresponsive casualty, including shouting for help and calling for an AED if available
  • Steps to open the airway and check for normal breathing
  • Guidance on performing chest compressions and rescue breaths in the correct ratio
  • Instructions on how to make the scene safe and break contact with the electrical source
  • Alternative methods to safely free the casualty from contact if breaking the contact is not possible
  • Details on using an AED in accordance with your training and manufacturer's instructions
  • Continuing CPR until qualified help takes over or the casualty starts breathing normally

Stay prepared and ensure your workplace has the necessary information readily available with the HSE Electric Shock First Aid Procedures Poster. Trust in its authenticity and durability, while contributing to a better environment with its recyclable material.

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