Glow In The Dark Foam Branch Pipe Sign

SKU: B8224/75x200/GLOW/NO FIX

Glow In The Dark Foam Branch Pipe Sign

Ensure safety and compliance with the Glow In The Dark Foam Branch Pipe Sign. This sign meets the requirements of the British Standard BS5499-2:1986, making it a reliable choice for emergency situations.

This Class B* photo-luminescent sign charges itself in normal daylight, ensuring that it remains highly visible even during power failures. When darkness falls, this sign glows, providing essential guidance and increasing safety in critical moments.

Made in the UK by The Sign Shed, this sign is crafted from durable 1.3 mm rigid plastic, ensuring long-lasting performance. Its superior design surpasses PSPA class B (50/7-900 DIN 67510), guaranteeing exceptional quality and reliability.

Download the product data sheet here to learn more about the features and specifications of this product.

The safety symbol type featured on this sign is the fire extinguisher flames icon, providing clear and intuitive information in emergency situations.

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