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Shop from an extensive range of warning signs, caution signs and danger signs that inform of hazards and comply with current health and safety legislation. The signs include the internationally recognised yellow warning triangle. There's a choice of self-adhesive vinyl stickers, recycled plastic or composite aluminium.



The importance of warning signs

Every workplace comes with its own array of hazards. Even safe-looking offices can contain risks. Workplace injuries have the potential to negatively affect staff wellbeing and team morale, and employers have a legal duty to offer appropriate protection, both to their employees and customers. A key part of this legal responsibility is the need to display relevant warning signs.

What type of sign do I need?

There are different categories of signs that you have to consider. Danger signs are used in situations where there is an immediate risk that can cause death or serious injury. Warning signs are generally used to highlight a hazard that may lead to harm, while Caution signs are appropriate in situations where there are risks that could lead to moderate or minor harm.

The starting point is, therefore, to carry out full health and safety risk assessments to establish what type of sign is most appropriate for each area of your business.

Warning sign types

There are many types of warning signs, although all must be compliant with the official standard in the UK, which is BS EN ISO 7010:2012. Warning signs can provide notice of a variety of hazards:

• Heavy vehicles
• High voltage
• Asbestos
• Wet floor
• Dangerous chemicals
• Electrical injury risk

Our warning sign expertise means that we can help you to find the right type of sign for your needs, whatever the hazard. We can provide the full range of warning sign solutions, from collapsible temporary signs to wall-mounted permanent notices. Our range includes:

• CCTV In Operation. This sign serves as a deterrent, warning potential criminals that their actions will be captured by CCTV surveillance systems.

• Caution Fork Lift Truck. Often used in warehouses where forklift trucks operate, helping to ensure that employees remain alert.

• Caution Mind the Step. Accidents caused by tripping are a major source of lost time and injury in the workplace, and this sign is ideal for positioning at danger points.

• Blind Spot Take Care. A useful sign that can be used to alert cyclists of the potential dangers of attempting to undertake a larger vehicle.

• Caution Mind Your Head. Appropriate in locations where low beams, door frames or ceilings causes the risk of head injury.

Where to locate warning signs?

The main purpose of a warning sign is to reduce accidents, and the ideal location for a sign will depend on the precise layout of the premises. In the case of an uneven floor or low beam, for example, the sign should be placed close by the hazard location so that it can be seen in advance. Where a warning sign applies to an entire site, it should be placed at the entrance.

It is important to ensure that every warning sign is visible. This is particularly relevant if the signs are outdoors, as prolonged exposure to the elements can affect the integrity and clarity of the sign, which may have to be replaced in order to ensure it is still serving its purpose.

If you have any questions or enquiries about warning signs, their correct deployment and use or which sign is best for your needs, get in touch with us today and we can help to ensure that your workplace remains a safe and secure environment for staff and customers alike.