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What are mandatory signs?

Mandatory signs, such as PPE signs, instruct an action that must be carried out for safety reasons. Mandatory signs, such as “must be worn signs” or “must use signs” for example, feature white text on a blue background to re-affirm the safety message and are an essential part of health and safety on a construction site for example. Whether in the UK or elsewhere in the EU, the symbols used are designed to have the same meaning. Mandatory signs should be clearly displayed and used to inform employees and visitors of safeguards that must be followed to keep everyone safe in potentially dangerous areas on a premises.


Types of Mandatory Signage

PPE Safety Signs (Personal Protective Equipment Signs)

Personal Protective Equipment safety signs (PPE signs) are the most recognisable mandatory signs used in the workplace. In particularly noisy environments such as in manufacturing, signs such as “Wear ear protection sign” are required. On construction sites where falling objects or the risk of head injuries is always an issue, 'Hard hats must be worn signs' are legally required. 


Food Preparation Signs

You may operate in food processing or the catering industry where hygiene, contamination and sharp objects such as knives are potential hazards to health and safety. In these environments, mandatory signs that include “Wash your hands signs' Cooked meats only signs' and 'Wear hand protection signs'.


Mandatory Fire Door Signage

Fire Door Signs are safety notices (mandatory signs) which are usually displayed in case of a fire. The Mandatory Safety Signs instruct staff and visitors not to do something. Our range of fire door mandatory signs include 'fire exit keep clear signs,'fire door keep closed signs and 'fire escape keep clear signs'.

Our Mandatory Fire Door signs also come in a photoluminescent (glow in the dark) material. See our range of glow in the dark fire door signs.


 Our Most Popular Mandatory Safety Signs