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Car parks: packed full of hidden hazards

Car parks: packed full of hidden hazards

The hidden dangers in car parks

It’s not just fast-moving traffic that you have to watch out for when it comes to health and safety; even slow-moving and stationary vehicles in car parks come with plenty of risks attached. A car park is a surprisingly dangerous place with plenty of potential hazards, such as these…

1. Unobservant pedestrians

For some of those on foot, it’s easy to assume that a car park is a safe place. After all, nobody’s moving very quickly, and most of the traffic is safely parked with the engine off. They’re wrong. For drivers, car park pedestrians can be a serious danger – they’ll step out into the road without looking, they’ll take their eye off their shopping trolleys which may roll away, and they’ll not necessarily realise when a car is reversing out of a space in their park hazards | shop now at The Sign Shed

2. Speeding drivers

Most car parks are pretty laid back affairs, but you’ll always get the odd driver who treats the place as his or her own personal race track. It’s important to be alert at all times.

3. Crime

It’s sad but true that parked cars can prove too tempting for some. Crime can be an issue in many car parks, with cars left unattended and opportunist thieves taking advantage of a few moments of peace to try and find some loot. Crime against individuals can also be a problem, especially in remote car parks or late at night.

4. Poor signage

A failure to designate clear pedestrian routes, a lack of visible bay markings and a failure to highlight any obstacles such as speed bumps or kerbs can cause plenty of problems to drivers and pedestrians alike.

It’s clear that any car park – no matter its size or location – can be home to a variety of hazards, presenting problems to both those on foot and those trying to park their vehicles. While some hazards are unavoidable, one thing is certain: ensuring that the appropriate signage is in place will mean that drivers and pedestrians alike will be aware of any potential dangers, and will be more likely to pay more attention to them. Indeed, without the right signage in place to highlight any hazards, car park owners could find themselves in legal difficulties should accidents, injuries or other issues take place on their premises. Spending money on signage is a small price to pay for safety and security.

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