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Go Green With Custom Signs

Go Green With Custom Signs

Signage that's better for the environment

With the green agenda high on the list of every set of corporate objectives, making sure that your business operates in an environmentally friendly and energy efficient way doesn’t just help the planet, it also helps maximise output and profits. Often, timely reminders to adopt energy saving measures can have a measurable impact on meeting your environmental targets. So why not use custom signs to prompt your workforce towards eco-friendly behaviour?

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Little things matter

Signage that prompts employees to switch off lights, unplug electrical devices when not in use, and check machine settings are at levels that promote energy conservation can all help keep the workplace energy bills down. Displaying appropriate signs to remind visitors, customers and workers to do their bit for the planet helps ensure that everyone is contributing to greener business practices.

Signage for recycling

Not only is recycling an excellent way of conserving the earth’s precious resources, it’s also imperative in order to minimise costly disposal of waste materials. Additionally, many companies receive income from recycling unwanted metals, textiles or paper. Using custom signs makes it clear what materials need to go where, whilst health & safety signs ensure disposal risks to employees are minimised.

Get everyone on board

Whilst employees, directors, managers and even the CEO may be on board with ensuring the company fulfils its green agenda, visitors, customers, outside contractors and temporary workers may be less clear on what’s required in your workplace. Using appropriate safety signs and warning signs will enable everyone to use your premises with minimal risk; signage can also help everybody understand what needs to be done in order to promote sustainable working practices.

The continued importance of adopting environmentally friendly working practices means that anything that improves energy conservation and sustainable behaviour needs to be encouraged. Signs that are tailored to the green goals of your particular business provide a professional and effective solution to the problem of ensuring everyone is aware of what action is required to achieve your eco-friendly organisational objectives.

Green sign materials

At The Sign Shed we aim to use the greenest sign materials possible. We've used recycled plastic instead of semi-rigid PVC since 2020. It's made from 50% recycled plastic and is far better for the environment than standard plastic materials. Our composite aluminium signage is manufactured using an aluminium composite material that includes greater than 75% recycled materials.


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