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E-cigarette signs

Explore all our No Smoking Signs, or view our e-cigarette signs at The Sign Shed.

Since July 2007, smoking has been prohibited in public areas and the regulations have required businesses to implement very specific signage in order to comply with the new laws. 

In recent years, e-cigarettes have become a popular alternative to traditional cigarettes so it can be extremely helpful to have appropriate signage to inform people of where they are and aren't allowed to vape e-cigarettes.

Whether you allow the vaping of e-cigarettes, but don't allow smoking, or want to make it clear that all kinds of cigarettes are not permitted, our signs can help you. With signs that come in a range of materials for indoor and outdoor use, with your choice of fitting options, you'll be able to find the perfect sign to meet your requirements.

Our signs are compliant with industry standards, with the clear and correct symbols making it easy for people who don't read English (or the language of the sign) to still understand its meaning.

Prohibition signs (no smoking or no smoking E-cigarettes) feature red colouring with a clear prohibition symbol. This is the red circle with a diagonal line. They also show an image of a cigarette.

Signs that show e-cigarette vaping is allowed, 'e-cigarettes permitted' signs, have the standard green colouring and feature a green circle with a cigarette image.

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