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CCTV & security signs

View our full range of CCTV Warning Signs and find out what are the best CCTV Signs for you or your business

Install CCTV signs if you have invested in a closed circuit TV (CCTV surveillance system) and ensure that would-be intruders are notified of the cameras' presence. With video surveillance signs and warning signs CCTV you can help to protect your home or business from intruders, vandals and trespassers. 

Unless those with malicious intent are warned about CCTV, it might not prove to be a deterrent. Browse through our range of CCTV signs including CCTV in Operation Signs, CCTV Warning Signs and other CCTV Camera Warning Signs. Find the right display for your property. Coming in various shapes and sizes, with the option of buying single signs or multi-packs, trust our CCTV security signage range to supplement your investment in a CCTV system.


Do I have to have a sign if I've CCTV?

The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) state that "The GDPR doesn't specifically state what wording is required on CCTV signage. What needs to be ensured is that there is adequate and fair processing information provided to the individuals who may be recorded."

They continue.."The GDPR doesn't specifically state what wording is required on CCTV signs. What needs to be ensured is that there is adequate and fair processing information provided to the individuals who may be recorded." For more information contact the ICO Helpline on 0330 123 1113.


Is it legal to put up CCTV signs if we don't have any cameras ?

That is a good question. We were 95% sure that you are allowed to put CCTV signs up without actually having cameras, but we’ve sought clarification from the ICO – Information Commissioner’s Office (the ruling body for CCTV/data privacy).  They’ve confirmed that “Data protection law requires to put signs up if CCTV is in operation. There is nothing saying that you can't put signs up as a deterrent. They should probably be aware that they may receive a request for the CCTV footage and if footage is non existent they may be a misunderstanding.”

In terms of signage, we’ve a range on the website. The most popular one seems to be the simple “CCTV in operation” (see below). 

The full range is here. These are all designed for wall-mounting. There are various sizes/sign materials available. If you need them for attaching to metal lamp-posts for example, they would need metal rails (sign channels) on the rear and the appropriate sized fixing clips. We would need to quote for these as they aren’t available through the website.

Plastic Signs CCTV

Our CCTV in operation signs are made from durable, tough and rigid plastic. This means that you can rely on the CCTV signs in this collection to look great in all weather and stand the test of time. The CCTV warning signs also come with self-adhesive options, meaning you don't need a drill to affix them to your walls or doors. 

We also have signs available as a self adhesive sticker. This is usually most suitable for indoor use or under- cover as it will be significantly less waterproof that the other material options.

As well as plastic CCTV in operation signs, many of our security signs are available in composite aluminium. This is the ultimate lasting material. Ideal for outdoor use and sure to last no matter how bad the weather! Protect your home or business with our quality signs.

Are your CCTV Warning Signs Waterproof?

Made from durable plastic or aluminium, our security signs are waterproof. This means they don’t run or fade in the British weather conditions! Because CCTV warning signs are positioned outdoors to act as an intruder deterrent, it’s essential they are up to the job. Choosing a CCTV sign from The Sign Shed will ensure that your sign can do its job for years to come.

Security & Reassurance 

While having CCTV cameras in place around your business or home is helpful  if a potential intruder is unaware of the cameras, they don’t function as as much of an effect deterrent.

Our Signs CCTV provide you with security and reassurance. You can be confident that your security cameras are having as much of an effect as possible, improving your security measures and protecting your business or family.

 Selection of CCTV Warning Signs from our Security Signage Range


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