In The Event Of Accident Or Illness First Aid Sign

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In The Event Of Accident Or Illness First Aid Sign

The In The Event Of Accident Or Illness First Aid Sign, available for purchase at The Sign Shed, is an essential addition to any workplace or public setting. This mandatory sign features the recognisable exclamation mark symbol, ensuring easy identification in case of an emergency.

With its clear and concise text, this sign provides crucial instructions for responding to accidents or illnesses, promoting a safe and efficient response from all individuals on the premises.

Key Features:

  • Mandatory sign with the exclamation mark symbol
  • Prominently displays the text "First Aid. In the event of accident/illness."
  • Includes step-by-step instructions for emergency response:
    • Call a first aider
    • Locate the nearest first aid box
    • Direct individuals to the sick bay
    • Provide contact details for calling an ambulance during the day
    • Provide contact details for calling an ambulance at night or on weekends
  • Durable and high-quality construction
  • Available for bulk purchases with significant savings
  • Free delivery options available

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Shop online or visit our store to discover the latest in workplace safety signage. Explore our latest article on Workplace First Aid Emergencies to learn more about the importance of proper signage and emergency response protocols.

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