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No Parking Signs

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Do you have serious car parking issues such as blocked driveways, entrances and exits outside your house or business?

At The Sign Shed you can shop now for a huge choice of UK no parking signs to deter vehicles from being parked where you don't want them. We've metal no parking signs or plastic no parking signage for a driveway, car parking signs that can be personalised with your own message and we'll even give you pre-drilled holes if you need them, free of charge!

No parking signs help Deter Parking

It can be extremely frustrating when someone parks across your drive, entrance or loading area, preventing you from accessing the space you need. More often than not, the person who parked their car simply didn’t notice that the area was needed for other purposes. A no parking sign helps to solve this problem.

Our signs are eye-catching, clear and concise to ensure that they are noticed easily. This helps to deter people from parking in areas that you need to access by making them aware that the space is required.

We have a range of signs for specific different purposes so no matter what area you need to keep car-free, we can help.

Our signs feature industry standard no parking, prohibition symbols and colouring. Complying with standards mean that the sign's imagery is easily recognisable and even those who don't read English (or the language of the sign) can still understand it's meaning.

Prohibition symbol is a red circle with a diagonal line across it. We also have these available in colours other than red, including blue and green. These colour variations can be beneficial for a number of reasons, but includes making the sign catch the eye differently or even appearing less aggressive in the request!

Access Required Parking Signs

While we have a range of ‘no parking’ signs, we also have specific access required signs. These help people to better understand why they can’t park in the area, making it more likely that they are attentive to the instructions on the sign and respectful of your space.

Our signs are available in different colours so you can choose the one that you prefer. We have signs available in rigid plastic, composite aluminium or simply self-adhesive stickers.

Waterproof No Parking Sign

Our plastic and metal signs (composite aluminium) are waterproof so are ideal for outside use. They will withstand all weather conditions, perfect for tackling the British climate, without running or fading. It means that our no parking signs last for years while retaining their bright colour and clear imagery. If you're looking for a sign for indoor use, such as in a garage or under a shelter, we also have signs with self-adhesive backs. These are long-lasting and will make your message clear and easy to see.

We have a range of different no parking signs available 


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