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Smoking Bans in the Workplace: What You Need to Know

Smoking Bans in the Workplace: What You Need to Know

Is smoking banned in the workplace?

Were you aware that smoking in the workplace can result in a worker being fined up to £200 pounds* and businesses can face a charge of up to £2500 pounds? However, fines are not the only reason why smoking prohibition signs are mandatory within many environments. Should a company be working with hazardous chemicals or flammable liquids, the dangers become obvious. So, the regulations in regards to workplace smoking have change dramatically.

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The Ban Itself

While the debate of smoking in the workplace had existed for some time, the law finally came into effect on 1 July 2007. Wales and Northern Ireland followed suit soon after. This ban is currently enforced by Environmental Health Officers (ECOs) throughout the United Kingdom. If repeat offences take place, a business may very well have its licence revoked (in addition to any fines that could be faced)


As electronic cigarettes are not combustible, it is up to the company to decide whether or not they are prohibited. One consideration is the other employees who do not smoke. As an e-cigarette still contains nicotine, long-term health effects of non-smokers may be affected. Another concern is that much like a real cigarette, its electronic counterpart can be distracting to the worker. This could cause them to lose concentration and potentially hurt themselves or someone around them. So, the employer should always consider these situations when deciding to allow e-cigarettes within the workplace.

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