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What Are The Three Ps in First Aid Training

What Are The Three Ps in First Aid Training

When it comes to first aid, the three Ps are life preservation, deterioration prevention, and recovery promotion. These simple first-aid procedures are not too hard to perform nor require any medical training, yet they could save someone's life or keep a wounded person from getting severe injuries or infections. These tips and tricks for emergencies and first aid are likely to vary depending on your circumstances.

Simple first aid procedures can make a big difference in helping someone injured; all you have to do is take some materials from your survival kit and use them correctly. Learning first aid is important because it helps others, but think about how not knowing first aid could hurt you personally. Therefore, it is good to attend first aid classes to learn how to recognise an emergency and provide basic first aid before professional help arrives.

Taking an introductory first aid course online helps you set up your schedule and determine the pace of the classes. Thanks to the Internet, you can take an online class on first aid, CPR, and everything else you may wish to know more about.

You could attend CPR training courses or first aid courses through non-profit organisations like St John Ambulance.

By the end of this, you will be able to recognise the benefits of getting certified in First Aid and CPR; recognise appropriate procedures for various medical emergencies; help provide first aid if your co-worker is injured, and prevent any additional injuries. Through hands-on, interactive experiences taught by professionals from the medical field, you will learn to recognise signs of someone who is in distress, how to extract them from the water supply, and how to determine whether a person is breathing or has a pulse if they need CPR, and how to administer it properly.

Ideally, someone taking a course and certified in first aid will be performing first aid, but if nobody is around, anybody with a little bit of basic knowledge can step in. It usually involves a one-time, short-term treatment and requires little technique or training to perform. In some cases, first aid can be the only treatment someone needs, and in others, it can provide safety until medical professionals can arrive or until someone else can take them to the hospital.

First aid may involve anything from binding a minor wound to prevent shock to keeping someone's heart pumping through a heart attack. No one can know when an emergency will occur or when you may have to administer First Aid to someone who is injured. Some of you might need a First Aid Certification to stay employed, but even if you do not, everyone who works in dangerous environments needs to know how to respond in an emergency. Even once trained, remembering the correct first aid steps -- and doing them properly -- can be challenging.

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