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How signs can improve your office space

How signs can improve your office space

How signs can improve your office space

Whether we’re aware of it or not, each and every one of us comes face to face with threatening hazards during our day-to-day working lives. Many of us take them for granted, but when it comes to helping us avoid common workplace injuries, health and safety signs save countless people from serious injury, sometimes even death, each and every year.

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Sitting Behind a Desk Isn't Safe

Your average office worker is less likely to suffer burns from a chemical spill than someone working in a refinery, but studies show sitting behind a desk isn’t enough to protect them from the more common injuries and accidents that can befall a person in almost every corner of the occupational sector. When we think of workplace mishaps, our minds immediately conjure up images of fires, leaks and floods, but, believe it or not, studies show that the most common type of injury at work comes from trips and slips.

Investing in a few simple signs to help your workers navigate hidden steps, low ceilings and other ‘innocuous’ hazards is a small gesture that could make a huge difference to their working lives. Not only will you be safeguarding your employees’ healthy and safety, you’ll looking after your bottom line, too: recent statistics show an astronomical 34 million work days are lost because of workplace-related accidents, costing companies untold millions in the process.

Custom signs get the message across

It’s not just health and safety signs, either; custom signs can help promote cleanliness, helping to stop the spread of illness and infection in its tracks. For example, a custom sign on an office wall telling people to be on the lookout for flu symptoms could help you avoid an epidemic. Tired of people leaving the canteen in a state of unbearable untidiness? Give them a friendly reminder to clean up after themselves after they’ve raided the staff room with a bespoke sign. Remember to remind staff not to smoke too with a no smoking sign.

Hopefully, this short article has helped you realise that you don’t have to be working on an oil rig or lumber yard to receive an injury at work. A simple sign can help keep your workforce happy and healthy wherever they may be.

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