Workplace Safety Quiz 2 - The Sign Shed

Workplace Safety Quiz 2

Workplace Safety Quiz 2

Do you know where your workplace hazards are and how to alert your employees and visitors?

Try these test workplace safety quiz questions and see whether you know what you're talking about or if you need more training.



  • In addition to my previous comments, I feel that a safety quiz is a excellent way to improve a wide number of peoples knowledge, at a fairly low cost. It wouldn’t be long before the wide general public were trained to a high level of safety knowledge.
    Well Done !!!!!!

    Leonard West on

  • It is a great idea to publish regular safety quizzes. This will benefit the computer item.
    Also a safety quiz will improve the knowledge and ability of people at many levels.. A great idea!!

    Leonard West on

  • Good

    Daniel Ndivo on

  • fair quiz

    Hellen Kuhunya on

  • Fair Queries

    Teresia Wambui Mwangi on

  • fair queries

    Hellen Kuhunya on

  • this was a good quiz thank you

    michael hodges on

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