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Reducing waste at work

Reducing waste at work

Reducing waste at work

For households, recycling of your waste plastics, card, tins and bottles is taken care of through your local authority. However what happens to business waste recycling?

Three ways to help are reducing the quantity of packaging, re-using the packaging, such as cardboard and bubble-wrap and recycling the materials.

Finally, the necessity to scale back the near 50 million tonnes of waste created by British firms, according to 2012 official figures, is vital.

Did you know that simply by recycling paper rather than making new, up to 70% is saved in energy costs.

Every steel can can be recycled and turned into products such as parts for cars or new steel cans!

Recyclling bins with signage

Reduction and re-using materials

Assess where the rubbish originates from

- Chat with your suppliers concerning reducing packaging wherever it's unnecessary and agree a way of reusing the packaging for multiple journeys.

- Send back direct (junk) mail to the sender with a request to delete your details from their database and to stop future contact, and so scaling down the use of the materials at supply.

- Business publications should be circulated about the office rather than ordering multiple copies.

- Flattening cardboard boxes and keeping hold of them for re-delivery use or workplace moves. Archive boxes will stand a number of years of sitting on a shelf in storage, to avoid the need to re-order next year.

- Why not direct and re-use envelopes you get through the post for internal mail uses.

- The use of paper can be reduced or even eliminated altogether by introducing a paperless workplace. Wherever paper must be used, double-sided printing and the use of scrap paper can scale back waste.

- Encourage staff to use proper cups and mugs instead of plastic cups at breaktimes. Did you know that a lot of coffee chain disposable cups aren't really recyclable and that, on average, the United Kingdom gets through well over two and a half billion a year!


A work-based recycling scheme needn't be a pain in the you know what! Some local councils will give you free bins and collections, whilst other will charge. Contact them and see what the policy is in your area.

Display signage next to recycling bins as a reminder to workers that your company has a scheme that you want to promote for the disposal of paper cups, cardboard, drinks cans, batteries etc.

We only have one planet. Let's try and protect it before it's too late.

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