Refuge Point Keep clear safety sign

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Disabled Refuge Point multi message sign with mandatory Keep clear
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Refuge Point Keep clear safety sign

Mandatory signs prescribe a specific behaviour. In other words they tell you that you must do something, such as Drive Slowly, Keep gates closed, or Safety helmets must be worn. The sign must include a round shape blue circle with white pictogram. As with all of our mandatory safety signs, the text is clear and concise. Mandatory sign text is white in a bold Helvetica font with a blue background.

Safe condition signs indicate the presence of safe exit routes or the location of safety equipment. Examples include first aid points and emergency exits. All safe condition signs must comply with the Health & Safety Regulations 1996. These signs appear as a rectangular symbol with a green background. As with all of our safety signs, the text is clear and concise in a white, bold Helvetica font. 
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