Glow In The Dark Gas Leak Action Sign

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This sign complies with British Standard BS5499-2:1986.

This Class B* photo-luminescent sign charges itself in normal daylight and glows in darkness in the event of an emergency situation such as a power failure.

Manufactured in the UK by The Sign Shed from durable 1.3 mm rigid plastic.

*Surpasses PSPA class B (50/7-900 DIN 67510).

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Brand: The Sign Shed
Availability: In stock
Country of origin: Great Britain
Sign symbol: Mandatory and prohibition symbols
Indoor/Outdoor application: Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
Product orientation: Portrait
Sign text: Any person discovering a gas leak.
1. Extinguish all naked flames and cigarettes.
2. Turn off the supply at the control valve.
3. Open all windows.
4. Call gas emergency on: BLANK SPACE.
If the escape persists:
5. Evacuate building immediately.
6. Report to the external assembly point.
Assembly point: BLANK SPACE.
Do not search with naked lights.
Do not operate any electrical switch, light or appliance.
Do not turn gas back on until the escape has been repaired.