Fire Action If You Discover A Fire 6 Point Sign

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Fire action if you discover a fire - 6 point sign (fire brigade called automatically version.

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Brand: The Sign Shed
Availability: In stock
Country of origin: Great Britain
Sign symbol: Call point symbol, Fire emergency telephone symbol, Running man symbol, Safe condition symbol, Prohibition circle, Prohibition do not use lift symbol
Indoor/Outdoor application: Self-adhesive stickers are suitable for INDOOR use only. Recycled plastic, composite aluminium, foamed plastic and photoluminescent PVC materials are all waterproof and suitable for INDOOR and OUTDOOR use. Stainless steel is recommended for INDOOR use.
Product orientation: Portrait
Sign text: Fire action
if you discover fire
Call point symbol
Operate nearest fire alarm point
Fire emergency telephone symbol
Fire brigade will be called automatically
Running man symbol
Leave the building by the nearest exit
Safe condition symbol
Report to you assembly point at (BLANK SPACE)
Prohibition circle
Do not stop to collect personal belongings
Prohibition do not use lift symbol
Do not use lift