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Do you need standard or glow in the dark HSE compliant Fire Safety Signs for your business?

Fire safety is of absolute paramount importance in any establishment and our range of fire signage includes fire safety signs, fire assembly signs, fire hazard signs and fire alarm signage is crucial in saving lives. Using workplace fire signage for warehouses, offices and construction sites and hotels (hotel fire safety requirements). We offer workplace fire safety signs that can be utilised anywhere to protect your workforce. Whether you need to warn workers of a fire risk, educate the public or make your customers aware of what they need to do should a fire occur, we've got the fire signs safety signs british standard. All of our fire safety signs comply with relevant health and safety legislation (bs 5499 fire safety signs), resulting in effective, legal signage that gets the job done.


Is the Fire Safety Signage fire resistant and safe?

Our fire safety signs are made from high-quality plastic and related materials, all of which have been chosen for their durability and inertness. Fire resistant and also resistant to water, wear and tear, corrosive chemicals and similar, all of our fire safety signs have been built to last, regardless of the hazards it encounters. Our safety fire signs can be fastened to walls, doors and similar surfaces using a variety of different methods. We offer the choice of self-adhesive signs, as well as those that are fastened into position using screws. Whether you want a single sign or an entire system, we have safety signage available that will be right for your intended use in case of a fire.

Fire Safety Signage is a legal requirement for public buildings as well as every workplace. Our fire signage is fully compliant with all health and safety guidance. Once in position, they will offer years of secure use. If you're not sure which safety signs are going to be right for your business, our skilled team is on hand to offer in-depth advice and support, based on their extensive knowledge of what's needed for a particular set of circumstances. Ask us about our range of illuminated (glow in the dark fire signs) and incandescent safety fire signs. Find out what signage is required for a fire point? and what signage is required for an assembly point?


What are the required safety signs for fire extinguishers?

Our range of fire extinguisher signs play a important part in your fire safety procedures. These signs often identify the type of substance contained inside the fire extinguisher in order to tackle the fire with the correct fire extinguisher.

Displaying the correct fire extinguisher sign near to the appropriate fire equipment helps people to use the correct extinguisher inside your premises. Choose the correct fire safety signage from our range of fire extinguisher signs


What are our most popular fire safety signs?

  • Assembly Point Sign Clearly Identify emergency exits and escape routes, assembly points are critical for safety in the event of a fire. 
  • Fire Extinguisher Fire Safety Sign Highlight fire equipment in your building with this fire safety notice.
  • Fire Door Keep Closed Fire Signs This sign should form part of your fire exit and emergency evacuation process
  • Fire Point Sign For larger buildings with an electrical alarm system installed with manual call points. Inform workers of the fire call points in your workplace.
  • Fire Alarm Call Point Fire Safety Sign Ensure Fire Alarm Call Points can be found easily with the correct fire safety signage. Comply with the fire safety regulations.