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Safety Signs communicate vital health and safety information in schools, offices, hospitals, construction sites and other workplace environments throughout the UK. Clear message signs warning of dangers using internationally recognised symbols in health and safety signs such as fire safety signs, construction signs, emergency exit signs and first aid signs alert workers and the public to potential hazards. Shop for safety signs for less than you think, at The Sign Shed today.


What safety signs are essential in my workplace?

Being able to clearly mark out potential hazards on your premises is vital and it important to know what a warning sign and safety signs look like. This will help to keep staff and visitors safe in the workplace while enabling you to meet your own responsibilities as an employer. All organisations therefore need effective danger signs - our selection is the best around.

Made from the toughest materials and to the required industry standards, safety signs give a way of clearly letting everyone know of any hazards in an area. All of our hazardous signs are easy to read even from far away and colour coded to stand out. We offer a wide range of different safety signage, so you can pick the one you need for your premises.

From Hazardous Chemical signs to Danger Electricity Sign Warning, you are sure to find the one you require in our selection.

Many offices or public spaces will find examples like the 'Caution Hot Water Sign' particularly useful for keeping people safe. We also stock more specialised warning signs for industries like the construction or healthcare sector. The hazard signs we can supply are tough enough to stand up to daily use and last a long time. Our Electricity signs highlight how to prevent electrical hazards in the workplace.

Are the Safety Signs easy to fit?

All of our hazard signs are simple to fit to any wall and come in a variety of sizes and ideal for people wondering where can I find official warning signage. We can supply the signs with pre-drilled holes in the four corners, or with sticky-foam fixing pads, at no extra charge. It must be remembered that these kinds of hazardous signs are there to protect people and demonstrate how to report a potential hazard in the workplace. Failure to do so could have serious consequences for your business or organisation. Whether it is a sign to warn of trip hazards, one to advise people to mind their heads or those to warn of potentially dangerous chemicals on site, we have got it covered. 

The hazard signs we supply are ideal for any commercial or public space. Browse our superb range online today to find the ideal match for your particular requirements. Investing in our signs like this will protect not only the people on your premises but your business itself.

What constitutes a Hazard in the workplace?

Hazards can be a moving object such as a fork lift truck or a static object such as machinery. Our warning signage helps to highlight any potential workplace hazards by using a pictogram or wording in bold font. Always report a potential hazard in the workplace to maximise workplace safety regulations and health and safety in the workplace.

What colour are safety signs?

  • Warning signs are usually yellow/amber in colour and advise people of the dangers. Electrical Hazard Signs and Flammable Signs are often yellow in colour.
  • Some hazard signs are red in colour and are usually classed as prohibition signs. The red colour is designed to draw attention and highlight the hazard nearby, signs such as 'no entry signs' help to reduce the risk of accidents.
  • Mandatory signs are normally blue and can also be displayed near a hazard, usually for signs found on construction sites such as 'construction site keep out'.