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Essential for any workplace, information signs tell customers, workers, partners and members of the public where to go and what to do. Although they're not usually a formal part of health and safety signage, information signs are essential if your clientele are going to be able to successfully navigate your building or find their way around a site. 

In addition to locational signage, there is also a need for signage that gives information, perhaps about opening times or other essential knowledge. We stock a full range of information signs, which can be customised to meet the needs of your organisation.

Colour-coded information signs 

Our signs come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, enabling you to pick dimensions to suit. We also offer signs in a range of fonts and colours. Particularly for companies that need to serve several different audiences, colour coding signage, or otherwise differentiating it, can be a great way of ensuring that each audience knows the information signage that relates to them. 

In addition, signage can also be colour-coded to cover certain parts of a building, or particular functions. The signs we offer can be attached in several different ways, either permanently or using temporary fixings if the information is likely to change over time. Signs may be self-adhesive, or intended to be screwed or taped to the wall. 

Highly visible and resistant signage 

Our information signs are made from durable materials that are resistant to a wide range of hazards. From inclement weather through to corrosion, chemical damage, fire damage or general wear and tear, we construct our signs so that they're able to resist as many hazards as possible, as well as remain fresh and legible for longer. Each sign features clear printing and strong colours, ensuring highly visible signage that's suitable for many different audiences. Why not ask us about our braille signage too?