Fire Exit signs

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Buildings must display clear 
Fire exit signs designed to indicate the direction and location of the closest Exit, in case of fire or other emergency. Building owners, or those responsible for site safety plan escape routes by starting at the centre of a building, or furthest point from an exit and working towards a safe place. By using the appropriate directing signage, the occupants of buildings should be able to escape quickly and safely should an emergency arise.

This range of emergency exit signage is produced in accordance with UK Health and Safety Regulations 2005.

The post-1987 ISO standard exit sign ("running man") featured in these signs was designed in late 1970's and is now standard in UK (BS 5499).

Where an exit is not clearly visible from a reasonable distance, or where someone escaping an incident may be in doubt about an exit location, fire exits and escape routes should be clearly marked, including the use of direction arrows pointing towards a safe place.

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