Custom mandatory signs

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  • Custom Hand washing mandatory sign landscape

    Custom Hand washing mandatory sign landscape

    Ideal for the catering industry, personalise this sign reminding kitchen staff to wash their hands. It's a mandatory sign template used for signage where you want to provide a positive instruction, in this case that you must wash your hands before handling the food.
  • Custom Hand washing PPE sign portrait

    Custom Hand washing PPE sign portrait

    If your staff don't wash their hands you could have major problems with food contamination and the possibility of guests getting food poisoning, costing you money and your reputation. Tell kitchen workers that they must keep their hands clean with this personalised mandatory sign.
  • Custom Rubbish sign portrait

    Custom Rubbish sign portrait

    Features the universally recognised symbol showing someone putting rubbish in a bin. Personalise it with your own wording
  • Custom standard mandatory sign landscape

    Custom standard mandatory sign landscape

    Create your own version of this standard mandatory notice featuring the exclamation mark in the blue circle with your text to go in white on the blue message background
Your signs your way with custom signage from The Sign Shed.

 Custom signs - mandatory signs from The Sign Shed

Create a custom mandatory sign from a choice of 20+ designs, including bespoke hard hat, safety goggles, and ear defender hazard sign templates.

If you need to look at the finished artwork before we go ahead and manufacture your signs, let us know at the checkout and we'll email your custom design for you to proof. Only when you're happy to proceed will we create your signs, however many changes you need. And the cost of this? Nothing. Our custom signs are the same price as our standard signs range.

Please note that when you order a custom sign, any cancellation of the order will result in cancellation charges to cover administration fees and any incurred production and postal costs.