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Keep clear signs

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Do you need plastic or metal keep clear signs for your site?

The importance of displaying keep clear signs in your building

Blocked exits and other access routes could have disastrous, life-threatening results if an emergency such as a fire should occur on your premises. Keep Clear Signs help to ensure that certain areas within the workplace are always kept clear. Are Keep Clear Signs Legal? Displaying 'fire exit, keep clear signs' and 'fire exit keep clear signs' are important as they promote keeping fire escape routes clear and may be required by law.

Many buildings and workplace environments have keep clear signs within their premises to ensure that the workplace is always kept tidy. 

Fire Exit Keep Clear Signs

Keep fire escapes clear at all times by displaying our keep clear signs, near emergency fire exits with our fire exit keep clear signs.

Do fire exit keep clear signs have to be illuminated?

Fire exit keep clear signs are usually found in dark areas of a premises or where lights won't always be switched on, such as if the building is open to night shift workers. Keep clear signs do not need to be photoluminescent, as long as they are in a light area and are clearly visible to staff and visitors. See our glow in the dark fire exit keep clear signs.

Our Keep Clear Signage Collection

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