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Hygiene & Safe Distance Social Distancing Signs (Not 2 Metre)

The Coronavirus Signs Collection | Clean Hands Hygiene Signs | Coronavirus Floor Stickers | Hygiene and Safe Distancing Signs | Play Area Social Distancing Signs | 1 Metre + Social Distancing Signs | 2 Metre Social Distancing Signs

This collection of Hygiene and Safe Distance Social Distancing Signs that DO NOT mention the UK Government 2 Metre Social Distance guidelines in the text or image of the sign.

How can you promote safety at work during a pandemic?

Promoting good health and safety at this challenging time means many organisations will need to place greater focus on their communications strategies, for employees as well as for customers, clients, and visitors. Improved communications can ensure all individuals on-site have access to the latest Government guidelines, helping them take measures to keep themselves, and those around them, safe.

For some organisations, this may mean sending updated health and safety emails outlining protocols within the workplace. For others, it may mean publishing new content to ensure that customers and clients are aware of the COVID-19 response. For most, however, it will mean introducing new signage.


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