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Fire Exit signs

What standard and Glow in the Dark Fire Exit Signs does your building need?

Whether you are in charge of a busy office or bustling warehouse, our fire exit signs will prove invaluable. They will also be useful for any other building or premises that tenants or members of the public use. Emergency Exit Safety Signs are often found from university halls of residence to private landlords and beyond, our emergency exit signs will keep you well within the law.

But why are these types of fire safety signs so essential?

All buildings used for business purposes or see the public come on-site must have clear exit signs around where fire exits are. This helps people to get to safety quickly if a fire breaks out in the building. Failure to display the proper emergency fire exit sign can have potentially deadly and serious repercussions. It is key to not only show where the fire exits are with your fire exit keep clear signs but also clearly mark the direction people should go to access them.

Do you need fire exit signs with arrows?

Our top-quality sign fire exit signs are highly visible, not only are they colour-coded to stand out but the text is clear enough to be read from far away. Our fire emergency fire exit sign collection are made from the best materials and will last for years. They are simple to fix to any wall via the adhesive backing and will not fall down. As well as the wall, our superb fire emergency exit safety signs can also be displayed on standard doors and push-bars to exit doors.

If you need great value and durable fire exit signs then browse our huge choice today. We have a variety of different fire exit signage with arrows pointing in whatever direction you require on them. We also stock a variety of sizes so you can pick the right one for your specific needs. From fire exit keep clear signs letting people know to keep clear of fire exit to ones telling people where the nearest fire exit is, our fire emergency escape sign collection will do the job for you.

What type of safety sign is a fire exit sign?

In order to comply with the the Building Regulations 1991 every exit and escape route should display a fire exit sign. Installing our Fire Emergency Escape Signs will satisfy the Building Regulations 1991 and Health and Safety (safety signs and regulations_ 1996. Our Fire Emergency Exit signs also include glow in the dark fire exit signs for exits that may be in a darkened area of a building or for a building that is open at night for workers, working shifts.

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