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Which safety signs should you have in your pub?

Which safety signs should you have in your pub?

Safety signs for your pub

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As a pub landlord or landlady, you’ll know that your customers (and your employees) aren’t always as predictable as you’d like. Your pub is likely to be everything to you – your home, your business and a place where your socialise with friends. So you don’t just need signs to provide instructions, you also need signs to protect yourself, your pub and the general public. Here are a few to include:

Hygiene signs

You might assume that hygiene is a basic in a food preparation or drink serving environment, but surprisingly your employees might need the occasional prompt. ‘Please wash your hands’ signs in toilets and food preparation areas can provide a gentle reminder and ensure that you’re doing the best by your paying customers.

Health & safety signs

There are a huge range of health and safety signs that might suit your pub. Generally the most commonly used include ‘mind your head‘, ‘mind the step’ and ‘very hot water’ signs. Take some time to look around your pub and to identify any potential risks that can be labelled with signage.

No smoking signs

Though smoking indoors is now illegal in public places, it can still help to install no smoking signs to remind your customers not to light their cigarettes. No smoking signs are particularly helpful in outdoor areas that you want to keep clear from smoke – particularly gazebo and marquee areas, sheltered spaces and play areas.

CCTV signs

Whether they’re making people think twice before starting a drunken fight or are warning the general public not to break into your pub, CCTV signs act as one of the most reliable crime deterrents. Even if they can’t see cameras, potential criminals can’t be sure that they’re not being watched through a lens – a CCTV warning sign will make people doubt even more that they’ll get away with a criminal act.

Emergency exit signs

Highlight the best places for customers and employees to use as emergency exits – notably, doors that go straight outside and into a large open space, and doors that offer quick routes out of the building and don’t include lots of steps or any locks to negotiate.


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