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Where to display signs

Where to display signs

Where will my sign get noticed?

When it comes to getting the most out of your signs, positioning is everything. There are various places and methods to post a sign, and many companies often lean to different strategies.

More often than not, function will dictate form. Health and safety signs, as an example, should be clearly displayed near the respective health risk. Otherwise, it’s not easy to determine what it is referring to and the danger itself could go unnoticed. For other signs, such as general notices, you often have some creative freedom.

Where on the wall

The sides of a room or building make an easy target for your sign, but you should strive for eye level. People seldom look down and meeting the public’s line of vision is a good way to get noticed. This, naturally, improves when its placed in a public area or where people tend to gather. If you need a custom sign to advertise your business, this strategy is ideal. Road signs also benefit, as they need to be clear, distinct and easy to spot.

multi-purpose sign image

Size vs space

Sometimes you may have to make a choice between size and space. For instance, if the area where you wish to place your sign is small, this will result in a sign that is less obvious to spot. A larger area will provide more space, but will this new position be as useful? As mentioned earlier, line of sight placement is a highly beneficial factor and this could change if you try a different location.

As you can see, some thought into placement is required, especially if you want to make the most of your new signs. If you remember that signs, by their very nature, are designed to be noticed, this should help with your placement. If your sign refers to something, can someone immediately see it nearby? Is it obvious what the notice is referring to or could it be moved closer?

Here at The Sign Shed, we can help make you all manner of signs, from mandatory notices to custom signs. Where you put them is up to you, but we can provide you with the perfect sign for the job! 



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