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Adding motivational signs to the walls of your business

Adding motivational signs to the walls of your business

Get your business motivated with signs

Many people have a negative impression of this idea – perhaps from seeing some examples of overblown posters packed with flowery or nonsensical phrases. Yet, whenever we are allowed a peep on TV inside the dressing rooms of top sports teams, there they are!

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Thanks to the ability of our team here at The Sign Shed to create custom signs featuring mandatory, warning or prohibition styles, you can easily create simple messages to place on the relevant walls to act as nothing more than a quick reminder of how you want to do business.

Here are four ideas, you’ll be able to quickly think of appropriate ones for your own company…

• WARNING – “Remember the lifetime value of a customer” – people often only see the value of a customer as the amount of their current purchase, forgetting all the times that this person could (or will) do business with your company. It’s a reminder to treat people right.

• MANDATORY – “Smile before you answer that call!” – how often can you instantly tell, when dealing with someone over the phone, whether they are having a good or a bad day? Psychological tests have shown that the simple process of smiling before answering does make an impression on the caller. This kind of sign acts as a quick reminder to display the right attitude.

• GENERAL – “Yes we can. Now what do you want?” – another reminder about attitude. Many times, during calls, you’ll have people telling you what they can’t do for you, and how frustrating is that? This sign encourages people to look for alternatives, make suggestions, rather than simply refusing to help.

• PROHIBITION – “Never tell our customers what they must do” – unless, of course, urgent health or safety action needs to be taken! “Must” is a word that raises the subconscious hackles of those who receive these orders. Using it with customers can simple gain the reaction of: “Must I? We’ll see about that!”

The above are four simple examples of placing clear and effective messages where your team can see them. As an inexpensive way of reminding people of what’s important, you can quickly design and use a collection of such phrases that are key to the success of your specific business.

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